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Palabras al Viento

Palabras al Viento is a space dedicated to the teaching of Spanish and the spread of Spanish culture. In our school, we offer complete cultural immersion, mixing Spanish classes with cultural activities in our stunning setting of Tarifa. There is no better way to learn a language than to be immersed in the local customs, food and mixing with the local people.

Learn Spanish in a unique setting

Imagine learning Spanish in a place where you can also get involved in kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving, hiking – enjoying the sea and the mountains at the same time. In Tarifa, it is possible!
We offer you immersion in an authentic Spanish culture which is unique and unrivalled. Here, you will find a perfect balance between study, relaxation, sport and culture. Our objective is that Tarifa, Spanish culture and our courses, inspire you to continue studying Spanish in the future.

Spanish and much, much more

Language tourism is a super way to travel and enjoy new places, a mixture of experiencing new things and learning new skills. The classes are not the only thing. We know that there are things that you just can’t learn in the classroom. You have to live them! Because of this, we meet in bars, cafes with good atmospheres, we take a stroll around the old town, we eat churros and tapas. We want you to speak Spanish constantly and in many different situations. And we want to show you the richness of our language.

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What Clients Say

My time in Tarifa was great! I really enjoyed the lessons and I met very nice people there. We had lots of fun together. Thanks a lot!

Pawel Gancarzewicz

Learning Spanish with Maria Luisa was a lot more than I had expected! It was also really cool experience how you can learn by playing and having fun. She knows how to create a positive and motivating atmosphere in her classes. For me a big plus was also the place itself - Tarifa - if you´re into sports and nature, Tarifa has so much to offer. Maria Luisa will be happy to help you with booking different activities! Muchas gracias

Kadri Andevei

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