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About Us

We have qualified, native teachers with a huge amount of knowledge in linguistics and education. We follow the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Using our methodology, based on our past experience, learning becomes more enjoyable, fun and interesting.

Our team are in love with language, diverse cultures and teaching. This project began with the love and passion for our language. And this passion is what we want to share and pass on to you, our students

Our Method

Our courses are based on a communication method of learning. The objective is to develop speaking and comprehension skills. For this, the teacher is key, they will direct and manage the conversation and create situations which are similar to and based on real life situations. We try to ensure that the Spanish language is the only language spoken between our students.

By doing this, we ensure quicker results and therefore, motivate our students.

Of course, even though communication is our main objective, we also focus on the other linguistic skills such as writing, grammar, and reading comprehension. All the skills form an integral part of our courses and they are the key to becoming more fluid within a conversation.

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