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If you are looking for specific individual needs or timetables, we can offer you the option of individual classes.

During these classes, you will master the linguistic abilities  more important for you. In private classes learning is quicker and the attention is centred on the single person therefore focusing on your specific needs.

Each student can specify the content of private classes, from conversation classes to classes focusing on one particular sector (eg reinforcement of the specific vocabulary and language needed for tourism, marketing and education).

Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Duration: dependent on the student

Start date: dependent on the student

Duration of the class: 1 hour

Number of students: 1 or 2 students (private or semiprivate)

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Summary of levels according to the European Guidelines

A1. Basic Level
The student is capable of interacting in a simple way when the other person speaks slowly and clearly asking for something and giving basic information (address, age, nationality, physical attributes, etc.).
Understanding and using everyday common expressions and simple sentences in the present form.

A2. The student is capable of understanding and using common expressions.
Giving information about themselves, speaking about their family, local places and shopping.
Communicating and speaking about regular and daily routines which require simple and direct exchange of communication.
Speaking about activities in their past in a brief, clear format.

B1. Intermediate level
The student is capable of:
Producing simple texts on topics that are familiar or of interest to him/her.
Understanding the key points in a clear text related to work, studies, or leisure.
Dealing with situations likely to arise whilst in an area where the language is spoken.
Describing experiences, events and dreams.
Giving opinions and reasons for thoughts and plans.

B2. Advanced intermediate level
The student is capable of:
Understanding the main idea in a detailed text, including technical discussions in a specified area.
Interacting with fluidity and spontaneity with native speakers.
Producing clear texts about a range of themes, giving points of view and comparing ideas.

C1. Advanced level
The student is capable of:
Understanding a wide range of complex texts, noting the implicit meaning.
Capable of using the target language effectively in different social, academic and professional situations.
Producing well-structured texts, using a complex, cohesive and organized structure.

C2. Very Advanced level
The student is capable of:
Understanding with ease everything that they see or hear.
Expressing oneself with great fluidity, spontaneity and precision.
Differentiating between fine shades of meaning.
Summarizing and reconstructing information and arguments of various sources, in spoken and written language.



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