Interesting facts about Tarifa

Did you know that Tarifa is the most southern town in the whole of Europe?

Being the most southern point in Europe, gives the town a unique charm where you can find yourself within Europe and a place from which you can see the continent that is the cradle of humanity, Africa.

Did you know that Tarifa is the only place where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet?

You will be fascinated to know that the place where they meet is an island, the Ísla de las Palomas´ (the Island of the Doves) which has a stunning lighthouse and a manmade path to the island from the mainland, which was contructed in 1808. Those which walk out to the island will have the sensation that this is a magical place, as this is the path that seperates the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean .

Did you know that Africa is only 14km from Tarifa?

Increidble eh! There are daily trips and you can change continent y return in the same day. In this photo you can see Africa standing in Tarifa town.

Did you know that Tarifa has a castle that dates back to the 10th Century? The castle is called Sancho IV or Guzmán the Good and it is considered the most treasured historic monument in Tarifa.

The views of Tarifa and Africa from its walls are spectacular.

<strong;”>Did you know that the Almadraba, which is a ancient method of fishing red tuna is still practiced in Tarifa and a few other local places?

Curiously,  this art, this way of fishing, was only continued in four towns in Europe, one of which is Tarifa.

Did you know that Tarifa is an excellent location to observe the migration of various different bird colonies between the two continents?

Due to its location between Europe and Africa and between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Tarifa is a strategic spot for the observation of migratory birds between the two continents. No ornithologist or any passionate bird watcher should miss out on this spectacle.

Did you know that flamenco, which is known all over the world, has its origins in Cádiz, which is the province in which Tarifa is located?

You can enjoy live music and dancing in various spots throughout Tarifa in outdoor locations or specialized bars.

Did you know that Tarifa is considered the windsurf and kitesurf capital of Europe, which has transformed the town into a cosmopolitan hub.

Tarifa is one of the most famous places in the world to practice water sports thanks to its specific climate and geographical location which is unique.

Did you know that only 20 minutes from Tarifa but without actually leaving Tarifa you can find Roman ruins from the 11 century AC ( the Baelo Claudia ruins in Bolonia). They are part of the historical heritage of Spain.

A Roman town at the edge of the beach surrounded by majestic and spectacular white sand dunes.

Did you know that Tarifa is the town referenced in ´The Alchemist´, considered one of the most important novels in the world, written by the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho.

Like Santiago, the protagonist of the aforementioned novel,  there are a lot of us who change the course of our lives when we arrive in Tarifa, because here you can achieve all of your dreams.

Tarifa is a city which can inspire and will help escape conformity and the daily routine.

Do you want to more about the magic of Tarifa? Come visit and you will discover it…